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Atlas Provisions - Popped Lotus Seeds

Atlas Provisions was born out of the belief that food is a powerful connecting force. And there is so much out there that we don’t know about. We travel the world to identify good tasting, good for you foods from across the globe as a means to facilitate cultural exchange. You may not be able to jump on a plane and travel across the planet, but with our foods, you can capture a bit of this essence and transport yourself someplace else. It is a passport for your palate!

We are all citizens of this great big world and core to our mission is sourcing in a way that is environmentally and socially responsible. Currently, we are working to establish a fair-trade supply chain with a group of lotus farmers in Northeast India. We also work with suppliers that are committed to paying their producers fair wages. By providing these market opportunities, we play a role in ending the cycle of poverty that many lotus producers currently live in. While we are not 100% of the way, we are committed to being better each day.

Enjoy. Bring our snacks on your next adventure whether it is across the planet, to the mountains or the ocean or just to your local park.

With Love & Wanderlust,

atlas provisions