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Candy Corn Popped Lotus Seed Bars

Here at Atlas Provisions HQ, we’re pretty obsessed with Halloween.

When the leaves start to change and there is a slight chill in the air, we bust out the apple cider, pumpkin carving and start binge watching Hocus Pocus. We’re as excited as kids in a candy shop…and just like those kids, we’re also craving something sweet.

That’s why we came up with this delightful recipe for Candy Corn Popped Lotus Seed Bars. Sweet, but not too sweet. Indulgent but not glutinous, these are the perfect addition to a Halloween party, a Sunday afternoon football watching party or our personal favorite, a little treat to fuel an epic mountain bike ride. The recipe is super simple and endlessly adaptable. Make it vegan with a dark chocolate drizzle instead of white. Swap out nut butter for tahini if allergens are of concern or even try honey in place of maple syrup if you’re fresh out (but don’t ever run out…that would suck).

Give it a try and treat your inner child. Or your real one if you have one!


1 bag Atlas Provisions Maple Caramel Popped Lotus Seeds
1/2 cup maple syrup
1/2 cup nut butter of choice
1/2 cup candy corn (Yum Earth makes a delightful vegan option)
1 bar white chocolate


-Add one package Atlas Provisions Maple Caramel Popped Lotus Seeds to a large bowl.
-Mix together 1/2 cup maple syrup and 1/2 cup nut butter in a microwave safe bowl or saucepan. Gently warm, stirring often until mixture liquifies.
-Stir nut butter mixture into bowl of Popped Lotus Seeds, mixing vigorously until all seeds are evenly coated.
-Transfer mixture into a baking dish, using hands to press mixture even and flat.
-Sprinkle candy corn on top, pressing candies into the mixture to ensure they stick.
-Freeze for 1 hour or until hardened.
-Melt white chocolate bar in the microwave or in a waterbath. Stir gently and if chocolate starts to look grainy, cease stirring and remove from heat (if you use the microwave, we recommend 20 second intervals with stirs in between).
-Remove baking pan from freezer, drizzle with white chocolate and then…


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